Chargeback Prevention

Don’t lose sales to chargeback issues.

Fraud Prevention

Why You Should Protect Your Business Against Chargebacks.

In the world of e-commerce, chargebacks can eat into your profit and put your merchant account in danger. Chargebacks are essentially credit card refunds. However, there is one fundamental difference: chargebacks are initiated by the consumer circumventing the merchant and requesting a refund from the issuing bank instead. This can lead to unforeseen fees, loss of profit, difficulties in accounting, and even the termination of your merchant account.

Using real-time data visualizations, our proprietary database, and customizable tracking and reporting tools will help protect your business from unwarranted chargebacks.

Dashboard Tools
Allied Wallet’s NextGen Dashboard will allow you to monitor your transactions and customize your settings in real-time to decline transactions that more than likely are chargebacks.
Use Our Database
Our proprietary blacklist database can automatically scrub your incoming transactions for IP addresses that have been flagged for chargeback or fraud issues.
Reduce Fraud-Related Costs
By minimizing unauthorized transactions and scrubbing fraudulent attempts before they are processed, Allied Wallet’s fraud protection helps reduce chargeback fees & inventory loss.
Preventative Measures

Choose the Smart and Safe Choice

Like any merchant credit card processing services, we interact with customers’ and merchants’ banks to facilitate fast, simple transactions. The convenience these services offer is undeniable, but let’s take a closer look at this transaction process, and see how we compare to our competitors.

When using a merchant credit card processing service, multiple parties collect fees on any given transaction: the acquiring and issuing banks, and the processing service provider all take a fee. But did you know that a bank will demand a retailer recoup any losses the bank might suffer if a customer returns or otherwise nullifies a transaction? This is called a “chargeback,” and it’s one of the many little snags that we work to spare our users from.

We employ dedicated chargeback prevention methods for our users, and unlike many other merchant credit card processing services, opening an account with us is free. With fewer unexpected fees, 24/7 customer service, and years of experience helping merchants grow their business, we are a smart, safe choice for any business.

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