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Allied Wallet’s Next Generation Gateway offers a state-of-the-art Payment Gateway solution that allows merchants to accept payments with the latest features and functionality. Allied Wallet understands that many businesses do not have a web development team on hand for integrations and we strive to simplify the integration process.

We offer free integration assistance to merchants by request. One of our development team members will help you integrate your e-commerce website, or if you request it, we will integrate it for you at no additional charge.

QuickPay features an Allied Wallet-hosted payment page that requires minimal coding.
Direct Integration
Direct Integration offers a customizable payment page hosted by Allied Wallet with minimal coding required.
Direct API Integrations
Our Direct API Integration allows merchants to connect directly to our API, but does require coding for integration.
Tokenization API
By connecting directly to our Tokenization API, merchants take themselves out of the PCI scope. Our Tokenization API does require coding.
Tokenization Script
Our Tokenization Script enables merchants to paste one line of JavaScript on their payment page / mobile app that takes themselves out of the PCI scope. Requires minimal coding.
Mobile POS
Allied Wallet’s Mobile POS solution allows merchants to accept transactions via our mobile app / POS device without any coding required.
Shopping Carts

Integrate with the Shopping Cart of Your Choice

Our RESTful API and ready-built modules make integration simpler and in certain cases, require limited to no coding necessary. Beyond that, we offer free integration assistance to all merchants.

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